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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

The Catawba County Board of Education requires students to obtain 28 units of credit, including all graduation requirements established by the North Carolina State Board of Education, to earn a high school diploma.

All Catawba County traditional high schools operate on a 4 x 4 Block Schedule meaning that all students are enrolled in four 90-minute classes during the fall semester and four new 90-minute classes during the spring semester. At the conclusion of each semester, one unit of credit is earned for every class in which the student’s final semester average is 60 or higher. Each student has the potential of earning 4 units of credit per semester for a total of 8 units of credit each year and 32 credits over the span of 4 years. 

Promotion and Graduation Requirements

Grade Number of Credits
Sophomore 6 credits
Junior 13 credits
Senior 20 credits
Graduation 28 credits

Note: Unless otherwise directed by the NC General Statute or the NC State Board of Education, all students are required to meet the graduation requirements that were in place the year the student entered the ninth grade.